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Baking and creating exquisite cookies for all special occasions

Like many good fairy tales, our story starts with a young girl. A young girl and her friend Alice baking in a kitchen in Worston, a small village in the Ribble Valley, Lancashire. From that morning of baking Mother’s Day biscuits for Grandma, an idea was born. Alice never realised how her small baking role would play such a large part in leading us down the rabbit hole that became the ‘Queen of Hearts Cookie Company.’

White rabbit announces amazing biscuitsOur little adventure has grown and grown from a handful of designs to a full range of themed biscuits for every occasion, and that isn’t where our story ends. Due to the unique way we bake every batch to order, it allows us to customise almost every order, from delicately iced personalisation to a whole box of their favourite things. Happy in the knowledge that your gift isn’t ‘off the shelf’ but created with love.

Our cookies are definitely products of the heart, using the finest, locally produced ingredients whereever possible. Each and every one is made with loving care and attention. Our aim is to breath life into every biscuit and ensure that each one is sent out as an individual, exquisitely designed, beautifully decorated gift – that tastes as good as they look.

Rush to buy exquisite biscuits“…happiness, the only kind that is really worth having, the happiness of making others happy too!” Lewis Carroll

So dear reader, it is over to you, visit our shop and discover a world of gift possibilities, and should you not find that special unique gift, get in touch and we’ll design the perfect present for you.

Thank you for visiting,
Sarah, ‘Queen Baker’